Louison - 2022 - Magnetic Feel

(46:12; Louison)

Track list:
1. Triangular Prologue 6:43
2. The Big Galactic Rondo 10:18
3. Human Epilogue 2:09
4. Conservation of Energy Pt. 1 3:38
5. The Big Freeze 3:35
6. Electron-Positron Annihilation 3:05
7. Stargazing 5:12
8. Conservation of Energy Pt. 2 5:17
9. Galaxian Explosion 2:16
10. The Big Rip (feat. Erithacus Rubecula) 3:59

Loison - all instruments
Casimir Liberski - synthesizers
Shoko Igarashi - tenori-on

French composer and musician Louis de Mieulle has been exploring his take on progressive rock and related fields of music for a bit over a decade by now, either as a solo artist or as a part of different creative constellations. Now in 2022 he felt the need for a slight change of scenery, and thus released a solo album under the artist moniker Louison, presumably indicating that the music made under this moniker is a bit different from his regular solo albums. The first production to be released under this new moniker is called "Magnetic Feel", and was self released in the summer of 2022.

As one would expect from the album name as well as the tasteful cover illustration, futuristic music is what de Mieulle has been exploring this time around. While a few rock instruments sneak in here and there, this is a production defined by synthesizers and electronic sounds, and of a kind that comes with a few expected associations along the way.

Hence we do get a few cuts that take on a style and sound a bit closer tol what Kraftwek might create on a good day, and there are a few occasions where nods in the direction of Tangerine Dream are present too. With robotic voice like effects as a key feature in the former and spirited sequencer and rhythm displays an important aspect of the latter. All along with a plethora of futuristic and also cosmic sounds filling the soundscapes quite nicely and compellingly.

Stretching his forays a bit more into the unexpected, we also get a small handful of compositions that can probably be best described as cosmic funk and space jazz, with a defined bass synth presence for the former and a relaxed, jazz-oriented attitude for the latter. These songs also feature more expressive sounding electronic displays, like the synthesizers used to mimic the more expressive attitude one tends to find in jazz and fusion.

Otherwise ambient landscapes are present and accounted for, and we also get what might be a slight nod in the direction of the brilliant Isao Tomita. Cosmic and futuristic sounds and often with a cosmic tinge to them is a distinct presence throughout of course, making the overall sound and feel of this production arguably being the most striking identity mark.

Electronic music with its futuristic feel has been a fascinating field to explore for musicians for many years, and on "Magnetic Feel" Louis de Mieulle takes his first official steps into these landscapes. The end result is an interesting album, slightly uneven in experienced quality but with many compelling landscapes found along the way too. A production to seek out by those who tend to enjoy futuristic music and that finds a progressive approach to this type of music to be generally interesting.

Olav "Progmessor" Björnsen, November 2022



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